An introduction

This is the skeleton of a Harry Potter based campaign I hope to run in the future. I have no idea how far in the future that will be seeing that there is actually no official Harry Potter gaming system, and it has been difficult finding willing players. However, I have found some very good home-brew rule books, which i will later cite, and will also be using some rules from other systems. I will explain a lot of how the world will work on this page and hopefully either inspire other HP fans or eventually get this thing rolling. In addition, there will be two alternative starting points, so that there are options for possible players. Thanks for visiting, hope you like it.

The Premise (#1)

We open with a group of young people travelling to their first day of school. These kids look like the normal wild group on an average school bus. The conversation fizzes about classes, the summer, and the rumors that fly in an average high school. But, on closer examination, one might notice that these teens are speaking of unusual classes, like “Transfiguration”, “Herbology”, and “American Wizarding History”. Their summer was perhaps filled with a dragon safari, perhaps they played Broomball* with their cousins, or maybe they read up on their spell casting. But the most peculiar thing about the gossip is the eerie silence that follows the new conversations. One boy takes out his news paper and points to a headline with a strangely grave look at his seat mate. A whispered name is sometimes heard, but only barely, a name that leaks horror with each syllable: Voldemort.

The setting is a hidden island off the coast of New England, and the school there on. The school’s name is Crodare and is one of three wizarding academies in the americas. In this arc players will create a character between the ages of 14 and 18** so as to be students attending the school. The time frame for this is right after Voldemort returns.

The Premise (#2)

The streets of Boston were almost empty when a strange man, in a strange dress shambled out of the subway and onto the pavement. The few other passengers looked at him in abject disgust. His yellow eyes peered sickly through the ragged scarf around his neck and stared. As he

A Foreign War